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I was born and raised in a small town in Upper Silesia in Poland. The town is located 

within border of Jurajski Park Narodowy ( Jurassic National Park ) . It is a place where nature

is protected and natural geological formations coexist with ruins of medieval castles ( Szlak Orlich Gniazd ) Trail of Eagle Nest.

Since childhood I have always been fascinated with observing the phenomenon of light as well as nature. Because I grew up in a family where the tradition of art was deeply rooted, it was not difficult for me to discover the passion I had for painting and drawing.

With time , I began to develop an interest in architecture as well, As a result, I choose 

my high school's curriculum to be more focused on architectural studies. After that, I began

the study of traditional graphic and fine arts at the Fine Arts Academy. I learned and experimented

with the many graphic techniques such as lithography, serigraphy, woodcat, etching, photography, 

graphic design, sculpture, painting and drawing.

After receiving my master's from the Academy of Fine Arts in 1999. I began working as a designer and illustrator for Discau Advertising Agency in  Katowice, Poland. A year later, I began working for Leo Burnett, an American Advertising Agency, witch had one of its branches located in Warsaw.

Then, I worked for a newspaper called Trybuna Slaska ( Silesian Tribune ) as a graphic artist

and illustrator.

In  2004 I immigrated to the United States where I lived in Chicago, and where I exhibited my paintings in several galleries ( Individual and Group Exhibits ).

© 2019  by  Piotr Czerwinski

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