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These paintings are a continuous act of stating questions, searching, and finding answers.  Those questions torment us and yet the answers are as natural as the recurring and accompanying phenomena of the mind, the sun, the rain, all the way through storms and hurricanes. 

Inspiration for me has complex character and is a search for multi-sensual phenomenal 

reminiscences such as image and smell, image and emotion or form and sound. In other words,

my work derives  from art forms and accompanying sensations or impressions.

Guided by intuition, I search for shapes, structures and relationships between composition and light that effect me. Most often , I find this in nature or at the border of coexistence of 

nature and man, architecture and nature, utilitarian human constructs that were adopted by 

nature and succumb to its process. I'm inspired by universe, constant movement  of

planets and matter, unrelenting flaw of energy,cyclical wave phenomena, fire ,water, air and earth.

I work in two formats; small scale, sketches and large scale paintings.Small scale sketches are done on paper using painting and drawing techniques.This scale allows the sketches to be 

personal and private explorations of forms and relationship between them.The sketches serve as spontaneous "notes" that translate and archive  my personal intuitive experiences and perceptions of shapes,structures, and color relationships found in nature. On the grounds of their nature,

the sketches pose a question to witch I seek an answer an large scale paintings.

In large painting formats  I am able to incorporate grand gesture and energy, witch often  

accompanies spontaneous, intuitive process of creating. Large-scale format dictates 

to the viewer angle and degree of perception. In results in that the surrounding do not take away

or disturb attention.The paintings fill the entire field of view of the observer.These paintings are

to attempt to find answer to intriguing  questions of relations between forms, strictures,

colors and light.


© 2019  by  Piotr Czerwinski

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